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Challenges Every Small Business Struggles With

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In the first year of towing company business, small companies come up against a lot of challenges. Some of them are harder than others to overcome. Stats have shown that 20 percent of small businesses fail in their first year. By the end of the fourth year, 50 percent of these businesses go under, and by the 10th year, that number rises to 80 percent. With survival rates like that, it is easy to understand while most business owners face fear years struggling as far as their businesses are concerned.

Here are some common of the most common challenges small businesses face.

Finding customers

The first one is not just a problem for small businesses, but a problem facing lots of businesses. Small businesses are not a household name and that is the reason they struggle to find customers. When looking for customers, their many channels you can look for customers including social media platforms. To find customers, you will need to start figuring who your ideal customers are. Craft an idea of what your ideal customers are and work towards building your buyer persona.

Increase Brand Awareness

If your customers don’t know who you are, they will not buy from you. Before a brand can be recognized, there are a lot of things a company does in the background to ensure its brand gets recognized. It takes time before a business grows to the level of having a recognized brand. There are many ways to spread brand awareness. One common method is through public relations. Another method is through marketing, which involves partnering with another brand to help inherit some of their image and reputation.  Another method is through blogging which entails running a consistent and high-quality blog to help build brand awareness.

Build an email list

To move prospects along their buyer journey and eventually to become your customers, you need to build trust by staying on top of things and providing value all the time. That process starts by getting prospects into your email list. You need to increase your email and maintain it all the time. Instead of buying or renting email lists, you need to build opt-in email lists. This will be an email list that is made up of subscribers who have voluntarily given out their email lists so that you can send them resources.

Lead generation

Another common problem faced by small businesses is lead generation. Generally, it can be challenging to generate enough leads to keep the sales team happy. Generating high-quality leads doesn’t come easy. A successful lead generation engine is what will turn website visitors to become prospective customers and provide you with a steady income stream. To make the lead generation process work for your business. you will first need to optimize your existing website for conversions. Your website is the most important tool you can use to turn prospects into customers. At any given time, businesses should always work on delighting their customers.

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How to Develop a Useful Email Marketing Strategy

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Email marketing is still one of the best marketing ways towing service and other businesses use to generate high returns on investment. But with an increasing number of brands investing in email marketing, it becomes harder than ever to capture the attention of your contacts and engage them in a meaningful conversation. Today, the key to crafting successful email marketing strategy lies in creating genuine trust with your online contacts and prospects and building long lasting relationship with them.

Here is how to come up with a successful email marketing strategy plan.

Have a strategy

Success will come from coming up with an inbound email marketing strategy. However, successful email marketing doesn’t happen without putting in work and effort. A large part of your business growth will depend on your ability to create meaningful human driven connection and interactions. Email is one of the perfect channels for engaging and delighting your contacts, and turning them into happy promoters of your products and services. When creating an email marketing strategy, you need to implement the right software, understand your full-funnel conversions, and have clearly defined goals.

Segment your contact list

Success in email marketing will come from segmenting and managing your contact list appropriately. Segmenting your email list to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. The more relevant your message is, the more relevant it becomes to engage with your subscribers. Segmenting will also help you to avoid sending wrong messages to the wrong people. It is important to build trust with your contacts, increase conversions and keep your contacts engaged.

Create high performing emails

Ensure you create high performing emails all the time. The ROI is not guaranteed simply by pressing the send button. Your contacts need to see genuine value in the conversions they are having with you before they can convert to customers or promote your business. The goals you set needs to be SMART and ensure each piece of your email supports that. Always send the right email to the right person and at the right time.

Optimize your emails

You need tom optimize your emails to drive conversions. There are two key areas you will be required to optimize – these include your email opens and your email clicks. To increase opens, craft an engaging subject line as its key to getting more opens on your email. You need to focus on the value you are providing upfront. To increase clicks, focus on coming up with click baits. A good one should be a mix of fun and be casual as well.

Choose the right email template

You need to choose the right email templates for your campaign. Your business will want to sell different types of emails to your contacts depending on different messages you want to sell. You need to define the different email formats and types your business needs, and create a set of consistent onboard templates. You must also deepen relationships with lead nurturing campaigns. Deepen relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their trust and doing business with you.

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